Nang Tala

Sometime last month (I’ve completely lost track of time) I went on a field trip with some of my co-workers from the SAO and several adults and children from Village #5 Naa Pong. (There are 8 villages in Tambon Huay Yung and I also happen to live in Naa Pong.) We went to visit two different towns in Krabi Province which had sufficiency economies. A sufficiency economy is a concept developed by the King of Thailand to allow people to become more self-sufficient. A sufficiency economy will be able to grow their own food, raise their own animals, and make their own soaps, vinegar, bricks for houses, etc. The idea is that you are able to live on your own and if you have anything left over than you can sell that to have money to put back into your project. I’m pretty sure I just way over simplified it but you get the idea. The pictures below are of Nang Tala. We also visited Din Udom which is where PCV Julia lives but I was so busy talking with her I forgot to take pictures. Most of the pictures of Nang Tala are actually of making batik which is a process of painting fabric that is special to Krabi Province.

The villager of Mu Naa Pong are working on starting their own sufficiency economy. I’m not sure what I will be able to contribute to this project but I know that I will get to learn a lot in the process.


About pjw0018

I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand. This blog follows my adventures of being a Community Based Organizational Development Volunteer in Krabi Province.
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4 Responses to Nang Tala

  1. Sounds like an awesome project. So is your site in a sufficiency economy?

    • Pamela says:

      Hey Shawn, as far as I understand (which is not at all) there is a group of people in my village that want to start a sufficiency economy. They are currently researching how to start but havn’t done anything yet. Or for all I know there could be a huge sufficiency economy just over a hill that I haven’t seen yet. Learning something new everyday!

  2. Juli Essen says:

    Hi, Pam! I’m an RPCV from Thailand Group 103 (1993-1995)–I was a forestry volunteer in Khampeng Phet–and now I’m an anthropologist studying Buddhist approaches to development. I’m coming to Bankok for a conference on Sufficiency Economy in mid October and was thinking of coming down to Krabi–I’ve found some reference to a SE learning center in Nong Thale. Would you possibly be up for a visitor for a couple of days? I’d be interested to find out what’s going on at your site re: sufficiency economy…and to reconnect with my PC roots 🙂 Either way, I’d love to talk some more…
    chok dii,
    juli essen

  3. Luisa says:

    Hi Pam,

    Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read your blog. Things have been quite hectic but I’m grateful to have a job, lovely home and great family and friends. Enough about me, you look amazing. Thai is where you should be. Hope you can also become self-sufficient and stay there. Looks like it’s doing you a lot of good. Send me an email when you have a chance,

    Shawn, I see you still keep in touch with Pam. How the heck are you? Send me an email sometime.

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